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Monday, 17 October 2011

Workshop details

We can now announce details of workshop leaders for the workshops on Saturday.

Social media: Gary Green (Voices for the Library) and Stephanie Taylor (Critical Eye Communications)
Privatisation: Alan Wylie ( (Update: Alan is prevented by family illness from leading this workshop. His place will be taken by Tom Roper of Voices for the Library)
Volunteers: Ian Anstice (Public Libraries News)
Constructing arguments against council decisions - and putting them forward: Abby Barker (Rosehill Readers)
Press liaison: Jo Anderson (Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries) and Lauren Smith (Save Doncaster Libraries)
Legal challenges: Jo Anderson and Demelza Jones (Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries)
Local government finance: Pete Challis, Unison
Leaders to be announced on the day:
Getting groups together and coming up with strategies
Putting on events and protests
Promotion of campaigns

Registration is still open at or by email


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